Diet For Diabetes High Cholesterol- The Awful Truth Revealed! – Part I

If you want to avert diabetes-related problems, you should see to it that your blood lipids never go out of their normal target range. If your blood lipids go out of normal range, you may suffer from heart diseases and stroke. The best way to keep your blood lipids within control is to change your lifestyle, take proper diet for diabetes high cholesterol, and take appropriate medications, more of which will be revealed in this article.

First of all, let me tell you a little about blood lipids and their functions.

There are in fact, several types of blood lipids in our body.

1. LDL or the bad cholesterol- The job of this lipid is to block or narrow down your blood vessels. If your blood vessels become too narrow for blood to pass, you may suffer from heart attacks. Keeping this lipid within the normal target range is the best way to protect yourself from heart-related problems.

2. HDL cholesterol or the good cholesterol: This is kind of antidote to the bad cholesterol. While the job of bad cholesterol is to block your blood vessels, the job of good cholesterol is to remove the blockades from the blood vessels so that blood can flow easily and smoothly.

3. Triglycerides- This is yet another type of cholesterol that is very harmful for your body. Like the bad cholesterol, the presence of too much of this cholesterol can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

A good way to know whether your blood lipids are within normal range or out of target is to have a blood sugar test. In fact, you should have a blood sugar test at least once in a year, if not more.

Do you how diabetes can trigger a heart attack?

Diabetic patients generally have a low amount of good cholesterol and a high amount of Triglycerides in their bodies. This creates problems. Worse- these people usually have small amounts of dense bad cholesterol which block the blood circulation. All these create the perfect environment for a heart attack. But of course all is not lost. You can still take charge of your life and control your blood lipids if you want to. You can take certain steps which will help you lower the amount of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. You can take the appropriate diet for diabetes high cholesterol as recommended by your doctor. In this way you will be able to avert any heart related problems.

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