Do It Yourself Lawn Care – Do You Really Need To Fertilize Your Lawn?

To fertilize, or not to, is the million dollar question for most of the gardeners. Different people have different kinds of opinions on this. Some people believe that if the soli itself is enriched and well cultivated, then one doesn’t need to apply fertilizer to it. Another group of people believe that fertilizer will enhance the fertility of the soil and improve the quality of the crops cultivated. In this article I will tell you why you should add fertilizers to your soil.

If you have been gardening for a while, you know that sometimes your plants need a little extra help from you to make them produce the desired results.

One of the main principles of gardening is that you should feed the soil, and not the plant itself. The more nutritious your soil is, the better for your plants. When the soil is enriched with rich nutrients, plants feed on those nutrients and this helps in their growth process. Adding fertilizer to your soil is one way to add to the nutrient composition of your soil and make it more nutritious for your plants.

There is nothing wrong in using fertilizer in your soil, as long as the fertilizer is organic in nature.

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