Does Audio Really Help In Boosting You Sales?

You might have seen a lot of ‘expert’ internet marketers preaching newbies to put up audios on their site. And then it happens: every Joe and his mother puts up a podcast on their own sites in the hope of making more money. But, do you think audios really work? In this article, I am going to give you some ‘insider secrets’ on how to use audios effectively. If you don’t know these secrets, I can guarantee that you will be doing things wrongly and your audios will become ineffective.

1. The Internet, A Cold Place: Internet is essentially a cold, dry place. Sometimes I get really tired reading tons and tons of sales pages that are put up everyday. Sometimes I just skim through the sales pages to get to the ‘Order’ button’. You might have done this too. However, the websites that really get me interested are those that have some form of ‘warm’ media, such as audio or video. But of course, there are a lot more reasons why you should put audios on your website.

2. Why There is Music in The Mall? I don’t know if you have ever noticed when walking into any large shopping mall, but more often than not, there is some music playing in the background. Why do you think that the mall owners put up music in their shop? Music not only creates an air of ambience and peace, it also boosts ‘visitor stickiness’. So if you are in the mall for a long time, chances are that it is because of the sweet music that is being played in the background.

3. Get your customers to SPEAK: Chances are that you have your own products to sell. It is not hard to find out every average Joe and Jane coming up with brand new products. After all, creating a product is so easy. Now, if you have your own product, chances are that you also solicit testimonials from your customers, right? Why not ask them to submit an audio testimonial? Especially in internet marketing, where there are so many ‘fake’ testimonials that ‘gurus’ giveaway simply to have their name and website listed on every page of the world wide web, text testimonials don’t always give the kind of social proof that customers need to buy your product. This is especially true if you are selling high ticket items. Adding an audio testimonial gives an authentic voice to your sales letter and motivates the customer to buy your product immediately without seeking for further ‘product reviews’.

4. Does Audio Work With Blogs? You can add all sorts of content in your blog, one among them being podcasts. Simply put, podcasts are audio versions of your ‘text post’. Suppose that you are in a hurry and don’t have the time you need to write a post. So why not record your voice and host the audio on your blog? Not only is it easy to get high rankings in search engines with podcasts, your subscribers will come to know more about you and your personality. This will further help in boosting your subscribers’ response to your offers!

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