Get Rid Of Back Fat Fast : Two Easy Workout Programs For You!

Having an extra ball of fat on some parts of the body can help you look very sexy. However, it is sexy only when that extra fat is situated on your front. For example if some extra fat is spilling out the top of your bra, it can look very sexy. However,back fat is something we all want to get rid of. So how do you get rid of fat back without buying expensive gym memberships? Well, let me tell you, there a variety of exercises that you can do at your home and get rid of back fat in no time! Here is a comprehensive guide if you want to know more about these workout programs.

Exercise #1: To get rid of back fat fast, you can stand next to a bench or a strong chair. Then you can place one hand on the bench or seat of the chair for support, and bend forward from your hips, keeping your belly button drawn toward your spine and your back and head almost parallel to the floor. Then try to hold a slightly heavy dumbbell in your free hand, dangling it down so that it too is parallel to the floor. Retract your shoulder blade, bend your elbow and draw the weight up until your hand is touching your torso. Slowly lower the weight back down. Change sides and hands and repeat it!

Exercise #2: Another exercise you can do to get rid of back fat is this: first off, lie on your stomach with your arms extended over your head and your legs straight. Both your toes and palms should rest on the floor. Be sure to have your pelvis and chest pressed firmly into the floor. Next you can rest your forehead on the floor or turn your head to one side. Begin your exercise with your right arm and left leg raised slightly off the ground. You might feel some muscular tension while doing this kind of exercise. If so, you may want to raise both the right arm and left leg slowly until it becomes difficult to keep your pelvis and chest flat on the floor. After that you can lower and repeat with the opposite leg and arm combination. One fair warning though: if you are suffering from back problems then this exercise may not be suitable for you. Also, before doing any kind of exercise, always consult your local health specialist or gym . Or if you prefer a cheaper option, [adrotate banner=”54″]