Hot Niches for 2009- Are They Really *HOT*?

Here is an article from Amazon newsletter which lists top 10 hot niche topics:

I have been subscribed to Amazon's newsletter for long but looks like I got real value only yesterday. With the 10 great topic ideas, I have plenty of scope to create smoking hot…! :)

Could you fill up the blanks!? ;)

I would also recommend that you subscribe to EBay's monthly newsletter which they send out to their affiliates. You would automatically get subscribed to it once you become an EPN affiliate:

This newsletter is yet another source for getting smoking hot niche product ideas!

Now to be honest, such "hot niche" lists are very often subjective and hence not totally accurate! The hot niches' list created by Amazon may or may not be similar to that of Ebay, because each individual or company compiles such lists based on their own feedback systems and/or sales stats, which is bound to be unique to each individual/company!

But one thing is for sure: if one particular niche or product category continuously gets listed into the "hot lists" of both Ebay and Amazon, then you know for sure that it is a great money maker! ;)

It is no different than those "Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World" lists you get to read in lifestyle magazines! In one such list, you may find Jessica Alba topping the list while in another it could be our very own Aishwarya Rai! :D Why? Such lists are usually compiled based on the surveys conducted on a select group or groups of people. Naturally, the results would vary!

To give you an idea, let's say that I send out a mailing to my NuttieZine subscribers asking them about their "favorite" marketing tool.  I send out the same mailing to my subscribers as well! Do you think I would get identical answers? Nope, because the NuttieZine subscribers belong to a demographic which is quite different from that of subscribers (obviously, I am not taking into account anyone who maybe subscribed to both)!

I am not saying that such lists are completely wrong or inaccurate, but they are not completely accurate either!

So don’t take these stats as gospel truths. While these ideas are good to get you started, you should also do some background research to check the trends of these niches over the past couple of years. A good tool for this purpose is Google Trends:

As well as Google Keyword Research Tool:

But let not my rambling discourage you; if you are not sure about which niche to start off with, such lists would at least motivate you to take some ACTION! :)

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  1. John@Maternity Clothes

    The lists are people’s opinions so you have to take it for what it’s worth. While they may be good idea’s they may not always be correct. Let the reader beware.