Product Review #4 – Rooftop Cargo Box

Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box – A Review

As years pass by and our needs increase, sometimes our fast-changing lifestyle demands more carrying capacity from our beloved cars than they could offer us! Unfortunately, by default a car can carry only so much weight. Now, assuming that you don’t wanna invest in a bigger car, your next best solution would be to invest into a good quality rooftop cargo box. Assuming that you have chosen to go with the second option, I am going to tell you about one good cargo box product I have stumbled upon recently.

Top Features: Yakima’s rooftop cargo box comes with a lot of features, but I am only going to discuss the very notable ones as I know that your time is precious:

a) In order to minimize drag, the product comes with a sleek design. Add to that the fact that it also comes with a high quality, glossy finish and you know you would want to own one of these just to make your vehicle look smarter than those of your neighbors!

b) Whether your car’s rooftop is small or large, with Yakima’s cargo box it does not even matter. The capacity of this cargo box product is such that you can easily carry the hauling gear of not just one but up to three campers.

c) Durability is one of the most sought after features when it comes to cargo boxes. Another thing people often look for is rigidity so as to protect their hauling gear from damages. Well, Yakima’s cargo box product scores on both these counts!

d) You can access your rooftop cargo box quite easily form either side! Talk about a great deal of flexibility – Yakima has got you covered here as well!

Pros: There are scores of advantages Yakima SkyBox Pro has over other cargo box products. First of all, I have installed quite a number of rooftop cargo boxes over the years and am yet to find anything which is as simple to install as Yakima. Secondly, the product is so easy to use that you can be up and running in a very short while; in fact, you can fasten it as securely as possible within just minutes, and if that is not enough, you also get convenient access to its side locking mechanism plus the ability to open the cargo box from both sides! Thirdly, the box is totally waterproof; you can pour buckets of water on it but there would be no water inside the box, guaranteed!

Cons: Not exactly what I would call a ‘con’ – in fact, it is more of a recommendation from the product manufacturer to buy their GMC cross rails product and put this rooftop product in it. Some people may think of it as an extra overhead but I would say that it is worth it. With the amount of money you are investing on the cargo box product itself, it only makes sense to make sure that you get the best out of it, right?

Conclusion: I am yet to find even a scratch on the product. Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box has my highest recommendation!

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