Product Review #5 – Rooftop Cargo Box – Neutral Point of View

Yakima SkyBox Pro 16s Rooftop Cargo Box – A Review

It often happens that overtime, our needs and requirements far exceed the capacity of our car, so that we need to invest in something extra – an add-on called rooftop cargo box. Yakima SkyBox Pro seems to be high on the list of bestsellers. It is quite possible that its popularity is partly due to its versatility and also due to it being backed by the manufacturer’s ‘limited lifetime warranty’. But is it really for you? To make matters clear, this article is about Yakima’s SkyBox Pro and not Skybox Carbonite; the latter is merely a cosmetic change and does not come with the cargo net and mat which are included in the pro version.

Design: The product comes with a sleek design. According to the product manufacturer, it would help in minimizing drag. The manufacturer also claims that the product comes with a high quality finish and a super shiny and glossy exterior – I believe more due to cosmetic purposes than anything else. For those who have cars with small rooftops and are looking for maximum hatch clearance and easy access to the cargo box from either side of their car, Yakima SkyBox Pro seems to be a good choice.

Space: For those who are crunched for space, Yakima offers ample space to accommodate hauling gear for at least three campers.

Security: Yakima’s rooftop box product comes with a SuperLatch security system. This system is there to ensure that the lid of the product remains firmly secure to its base; to keep your gear safe from damages, the internal lid comes with stiffeners so as to add rigidity to the box. The product also includes SKS Lock Cores! The manufacturer claims that this rooftop cargo box is quite suitable even for those who are going for snowboarding and skiing! Indeed, judging from the reviews, the product seems to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. One reviewer says that there was no difference in the way the cargo box handled his hauling gear despite the Midwestern winds he encountered en route; the same reviewer also claims that despite being caught in a heavy rain, no water seeped through the box and the hauling gear was as safe and dry as he had left it!

Installation: One reviewer claims that installing the product was dead simple. You need to move the roof racks at least two to three feet apart so that you can install the cargo box in the center. The same reviewer also claims that if two people work at it together then it would take just minutes to secure and fasten the box. An added claim made by the same reviewer is that the side locking mechanism that comes with the product is easy to access and use.

Criticism: One customer complained on Amazon that there was wide crack and damage in the box they were delivered, but this defect does not seem to be a common one, so I would assume that it is an isolated incident (as no one else seems to make the same complaint). Yet another customer complained about the price being a bit too high for his pocket. However, the product seems to have garnered mostly positive reviews.

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