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The ONE Backlink Formula That TRULY Helped Me!

I am going to inform you of yet another *link building* option you may not be aware of! And I promise it is cheap

Does Pagerank Truly Help?

That reminded me what happened with some of my sites (which I will tell you about a little later). But first I ran some common tests to determine how much pagerank matters in search engine positioning

3 Way Linking-To Do or Not To Do!

Have you noticed that almost always these controversies contain some lessons for us webmasters- lessons in creating an effective, long term link building strategy? In this article I'll explain it.
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Duplicate Content Code Cracked!

The issue of *duplicate content* has been bugging me for quite some time. Those who have purchased my Nuttiebums report know my opinion on this. For those who don't have the report, I will give you my short opinion on *duplicate content*.
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How I Got Indexed in Google Within HOURS!

A few hours later, I was going through the logs of shortstats and what I saw totally blew me off! I saw that my blog post ranked 8th in a regional website of Google, that too for a very broad term. So what I did that got me indexed so fast?