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Why the Top 3 Software Download Sites Now SUCK!

These toolbars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but almost all of them infect your system with sh*tty adware, malware and what not!


From today onwards you will be seeing some adsense ads here. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for being a loyal reader!
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STOP Harassing Me With Browser Upgrade Notices!

I don't know why, but recently a certain trend has started: lot of big shot companies have started to bug their users by asking them to upgrade their browsers. If I am correct, it all started with
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Tale of a Twitter Imposter!

Twitter impersonation is nothing new or uncommon, and while they have a loud and clear policy against impersonation, I am not sure how active they are in enforcing the same. I am still waiting for a reply to a support ticket
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An Update Regarding My Clickbank Account

Soon after I made that post, I was contacted by Clickbank's Vice President (Sales and Business Development Unit). He asked me about the specifics regarding the whole thing, which I gave him. Few days later, he replied me back with the following clarification
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Clickbank Shuts Down My Account

A staff of the product company saw it and asked Clickbank to deactivate my account because it violates their terms.

Is Selling Bad?

Probably I am one of those hypocrites myself: I sell stuff but sometimes I hate it when someone sells me. Of course it was not always like that but I feel like this after being in the
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Of the Retirement Formula and Broken Shortcuts

When I was new to internet marketing, I used to wonder why any successful marketer would want to retire from the lucrative world of internet marketing! Later I realized that
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How To Write Awful Testimonials-Part II

Just like many reviewers write awful testimonials, there are several webmasters who make a lot of stupid mistakes
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How To Write Awful Testimonials-Part I

The way you write your testimonial can affect your business either positively or negatively, and it is time that marketers seriously consider