An Update Regarding My Clickbank Account

This is an update on my post regarding my Clickbank account. Soon after I made that post, I was contacted by Clickbank's Vice President (Sales and Business Development unit). He asked me about the specifics regarding the whole thing, which I gave him. Few days later, he replied me back with the following clarification:

"As promised, I was able to look into the matter of your account being scheduled for de-activation. There appears to have been some miscommunication: You are just being blocked from promoting any of XXX Company's products based on a request from them.
Your ClickBank account however will not be affected. You may continue to promote other products in the ClickBank marketplace and earn money as you have done in the past. No action will be taken to seize any of the money in any of your ClickBank accounts as a result of this issue! "

The XXX Company is the one against whose product I wrote the disparaging review, and whose staff contacted Clickbank to 'deactivate' my account.

Well, so I am relieved. It is not all dark and bleak in the Clickbank world, it seems. :) Even though I have already pointed all my hoplinks to my other Clickbank account, I will at least get my pending checks! ;)

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