Top 10 Natural Acne Remedies For You

In this article I have listed ten holistic, 100% natural cures for acne and acne scars.

Question: Why should I use natural remedies? Why not visit my doctor instead?

The answer is simple: your doctor would usually prescribe a bunch of topical treatments and antibiotics for acne. Firstly, there is no need to consume antibiotics for something as simple as acne which can be easily cured fully using natural remedies without suffering from all the side effects that go along with antibiotic consumption. Secondly these conventional forms of acne treatment prescribed by your doctor will make your skin extremely dry as well as irritate it to such an extent that you may think that you are better off with acne pimples than using those medicines! A lot of people wrongly believe that prevention of acne as well as the maintenance of a quality skin requires a lot of investment on skin products and pills, but that is simply NOT true. Taking care of your skin is extremely simple and needn’t cost a fortune!

There are way too many brands of acne treatment products – so many that you may find yourself spoilt for choice. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one product is totally different from the next acne treatment product. In fact, a lot of acne products out there have the same kind of inactive and active ingredients, so that even when you are buying two different products, in reality you may be paying twice for the SAME product.

Before you apply any acne treatment product on your skin, it is important that you wash your skin using a face wash, or at least with a gentle cleanser coupled with a mild soap! This will remove all the dirt, grime, dust, acne bacteria as well as dead skin cells from your skin! Please note that washing your skin too often can worsen your acne outbreaks, so I’d suggest that you don’t do it more than twice a day.

Your Diet: Don’t be surprised that I have listed ‘your diet’ on the top of acne scar treatment list. After all, your diet is what can make or break your skin! If your diet consists of a high percentage of fat, oil, artificial sweeteners etc., then is it any wonder that you are suffering from acne? Instead, you should include healthy foods such as breads, pastries, vegetables, citrus fruits, etc., in your diet. These foods will not only keep your skin but also your digestive system pretty healthy! To prevent your skin from getting dehydrated you should drink at least eight or ten cups of water every day! 

Take all the proper vitamin supplements to ensure that your body is not suffering from any kind of nutritional deficiency, since lack of proper nutrition can also result in acne breakouts! You should consume Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Borage seed oil, etc., on a regular basis!

Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most common active ingredients in both over-the-counter as well as prescription acne treatment products. It not only helps you get rid of the excess sebum but also kills the bacteria causing the acne. However, please note that even if benzoyl peroxide works for your friend, it may not necessarily work for you. In case it doesn’t work for you, try a product which has salicylic acid as the active ingredient. Also, it is quite an irritating solution so you must not use it with other similar skin irritants! Some people say it works great on mederma acne scars!

Resorcinol and Sulfur: Both Resorcinol and Sulfur are great at breaking down the acne blemishes that appear on your skin. In addition, sulfur also helps to make your skin drier!

Zenmed: Despite getting mixed reviews from users, a lot of dermatologists swear by this acne skin care system! One of the major user complaints is that it is excessively pricey. The other complaint is that its usage causes even more acne breakouts. Well, while there is nothing that can be done about the price (you get what you pay for, right? Zenmed is pricey because it contains a higher percentage of anti-acne ingredients compared to some of the other acne skin care products available in the market) the statement about it worsening acne breakout is not wholly true.

With Zenmed, you have to be extremely careful as to which Zenmed product you buy for your skin. If you have dry skin and you buy the oily skin version then don’t be surprised if you notice more acne breakouts and blemishes popping up on your skin! Those who have purchased the right version of Zenmed have left nothing but glowing reviews for the product. Again, remember that you must understand your skin type well before ordering this product otherwise it might worsen your acne situation! Also, Zenmed is ideally suited for mild to moderate acne sufferers. If you are suffering from a severe acne outbreak you should consult a qualified dermatologist instead of trying over-the-counter medicines!

Murad Acne Complex: This product cleanses, exfoliates as well as moisturizes your skin.  Unlike most other acne skin care products it doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide! Instead, it contains camellia leaf extract, tree tea oil extracts, menthol as well as bitter orange oil. The product manufacturer claims that it can help you get rid of acne in just four weeks, which is not entirely true of course. The product DOES work, but the stage of acne exfoliation and purging is a very painful one. Also, the moisturizer that comes with it is just not enough to restore the softness or mitigate the irritation of the skin! While the reviews on this product seem to be mixed, it works best for you if you have got oily skin.

Witch-hazel extract: Witch-hazel extract is derived from the famous witch-hazel shrub. It is helpful not only as an acne treatment product, but also in treating several other skin diseases!

Almond oil: Did you know that almond oil is one of the best acne treatment products available in the market? Several acne exfoliating creams have almond oil as an ingredient, and that is not without reason either! These exfoliating creams help you by exfoliating your skin: thereby removing the dead skin cells as well as those annoying blackheads and whiteheads. Speaking of exfoliating creams, you should ideally choose a mild cream or else you may be doing more harm than good to your skin! You should also make sure that the cream comes with a moisturizer so that it prevents your skin from drying and the skin cells from dying out too quickly!

Proactive Acne Solution: This product cures your acne through a three-step process that includes cleansing, toning as well as treating your acne. On the plus side, proactive is a great acne scar treatment for whiteheads, blackheads, pimples as well as a preventive measure against future acne breakouts! On the downside however, it dries out the skin excessively so no wonder some people have reported having experienced skin peeling! Also, it doesn’t always yield positive outcome too quickly; according to some users, it may not work for you even after eight or more weeks’ of usage. The moisturizer that comes with it DOES restore the softness and suppleness of the skin to an extent, yet, the product is not recommended for those who have dry skin.

Acne No More™: This product has been created by someone who was a long-time acne sufferer. If you are after an all-natural acne remedy and dread the very thought of going through the horrible accutane acne treatment, then this product is for you. Since it is natural, it doesn’t contain any of the conventional anti-acne ingredients like monocycline or benzoyl peroxide. It not only clears your acne scars but also nourishes your skin from inside out so that it looks fresh and feels healthy!

Clinique Acne Solutions: Clinique™ is a well known brand in the area of medically approved and well known skin care products. Its acne care treatment solution works by exfoliating your skin as well as well as by unclogging your skin pores and removing the dirt from your skin surface. It contains salicylic acid as its main ingredient as well as benzoyl peroxide. On the plus side, it doesn’t make your skin oily, in fact, quite the opposite actually – it reduces the oil secretion of your skin! With regular use it can also help restore the original complexion of your skin. On the downside, it takes about six weeks before taking effect, which is too long a time considering that most acne products promise to offer you results within a month. As such, while it is good for preventing acne outbreaks, it just doesn’t hold good as a true acne treatment product.  

Australian tea tree oil: This tea tree oil is famous for killing the acne bacteria successfully. The great thing about this tree tea oil is that it is an all-natural acne remedy! On the downside, it’s been known to worsen the situation for those suffering from acne rosacea! Nope, you don’t have to visit Down Under in order to get hold of this excellent acne remedy product! Fortunately, the tree tea oil is available from your local grocery store. However, please note that the pure tree tea oil can irritate and burn your skin so you must mix it with some other base oil such as olive oil, before applying it to your skin. My personal suggestion is NOT to use the pure version of the tree tea oil at all and instead settling for creams and lotions which contain this tree tea oil as an active ingredient. By the way, olive oil itself is great at not only cleansing the skin but also in making it softer!

Aloe Vera: Won’t you like to have something that not only moisturizers your skin but also keeps the acne scars away so that your skin is always fresh and clean? Well, then Aloe Vera is for you! It is another natural remedy for acne, which means that while it is extremely gentle on your skin, it fights a tough battle with your acne blackheads and whiteheads. So don’t forget to keep an Aloe Vera product in your arsenal!

Clear Skin Max: Are you tired of the acne care treatment products that damage your already damaged skin even further? Then Clear Skin Max is for you! It is relatively a new product in the market. Unlike some of the other acne skin care products it uses natural ingredients like tree tea oil, bladderwrack as well as chamomile oil. Using a natural remedy such as Clear Skin Max would ensure that your skin is effectively ridden of the acne causing bacteria without the skin getting excessively dried up or you suffering from skin inflammation. Apart from being an effective treatment for acne scars and blemishes, it also acts as a moisturizer for your skin by restoring the softness as well as that youthful elasticity of your skin.  The downside is that since it uses only natural ingredients and that too, in low amounts, this acne remedy may not work for you as fast as you’d want it to! Also, even after you are cured of acne it can take your skin a long time to heal.

Aspirin: So you thought you need aspirin only when you have a headache? You couldn’t be further from the truth. Aspirin is an excellent acne remedy which has been successfully tested for years on several patients!

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment: This is not one by a combination of six different acne treatment products! First of all, it cleanses and exfoliates your skin, and then it unclogs your skin pores so as to remove all the dust and grime piled up in there! The main acne treatment product present here, called the acne treatment serum, contains the popular acne fighting agent benzoyl peroxide! A uniqueness of this product is that you must apply it on your skin at night, as it works only during the nocturnal hours! Its other ingredient, Azelaic acid, kills the acne bacteria effectively.

On the downside, many users have reporter growth of unwanted facial hair after consistent use of this product. It is also a major skin irritant. The customer service is almost non-existent. The product claims to contain the famous tree tea oil as one of its main ingredients but that is hardly anything to feel happy about as the tree tea oil acts only passively in helping you get rid of acne. In short, while the product is a good for allaying occasional acne outbreaks, for severe cases of acne breakouts you should look somewhere else!

Alpha-hydroxy acid: Did you know that you can make your acne situation better simply by consuming certain fruits? Alpha-hydroxy acid which helps by unclogging your skin pores and removing away the dead skin cells can be found in ordinary citrus fruits you can buy from your local market. Fruits such as grapes, apples, oranges, etc., contain a generous amount of alpha-hydroxy acid. Simply consume these fruits regularly and it will go a long way in keeping your skin clear of acne blemishes!

Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid works by piercing through and breaking whiteheads and blackheads. While salicylic acid products mostly come in the form of facial cloths, pads and wipes, it is also present in certain acne gels, astringents, creams as well as acne lotions. Compared to benzoyl peroxide, products containing salicylic acid have received a greater number of positive ratings from customers worldwide because it works for the majority of acne sufferers!

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