Top 3 Christmas Toys You Cannot Do Without!

Without Christmas toys would seem to be weird and awkward, isn’t it? Recent statistics show that toys are usually one of the most popular shopping items of the Christmas eve, and I am confident that it would be no different this year either! However finding great Christmas toys can be a tough battle, which is why I have made things easier for you by selecting three best toys you could buy your kids this Christmas.

1. FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup: FurReal is manufactured by Hasbro. FurReal is one of the most popular Christmas toys of all times, especially among little girls. In fact the very first Christmas gift my daughter got was a FurReal pup! The pup, when seated, has a height of almost 21 inches!

This cute pup would listen to six different commands, including ‘lie down’, ‘sit’, ‘speak’, etc. If you ask this obedient pup to show you his paw, he would show either his left or right paw. What more, if you ask him whether he needs a treat, he would nod in agreement and even whimper so as to let you know that he indeed wants his dog “bone”! I would say it is one of the best Christmas toys from Hasbro! Don’t miss it for anything!

2. Playskool Dance: Yet another cool Christmas toy from Hasbro! Which kids doesn’t want fifteen minutes of fame? This Dance Cam is perfect to make your kid a celebrity for a day. Yes, for one day he would become a celebrity and be able to see himself live on the television, dancing with funny and animated characters! It would provide your kids simple, silly and non-stop fun, and is pretty easy to setup as well! To make it even more spicy, you may ask your kids to invite some of their friends to join them in the show!

The good thing about this toy is that it keeps your kids fit by keeping them active! Heck, my kids play with it all the time, Christmas or no Christmas! In my opinion every parent should have this toy at home as it is a good and fun way to keep your kids active and fit! If your kids love music, there is room for that as well, since this toy comes loaded with almost 20 cool preschool songs to provide non-stop entertainment to your kids!

3. Elmo Live: This Christmas, don’t forget to introduce your kid to this cute, lively character! Coming straight from the house of Fisher-Price, one of the most popular manufacturers of Christmas toys, this is a huge hit among kids! When this muppet opens his mouth to speak, you would feel as if it is the real muppet Elmo from the popular Muppet Show Sesame Street! In fact, Elmo can do a whole lot of things other than just speaking: he sings songs, plays games, tells jokes, sits, stands, crosses his legs and even waves his arms! A great toy which I am sure your kids would love!

It is easy for your kids to activate the magic in the toy; all they need to do is either squeeze or tickle different parts of Elmo’s body such as nose, tummy, back, foot, etc! This toy is almost twelve inches tall! Yet another must-have Christmas toy!

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