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Is Adblockplus Addon of Firefox Blocking Clickbank Affiliate Links Too?

I am really wondering if I am the only one experiencing this kind of block or not. I guess I would not have been surprised at all if the addon had flagged only the sponsored links of Clickbank - but hoplinks?
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6 Easy Steps to Building Money-Making Product Review Sites!

Why write product reviews? Well, there are basically two advantages of writing product reviews. First of all, you don't have to spend hours on
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2nd BOMB from FTC-New Rules for Affiliate Review Sites!

But now, the disclosure should not only be located ABOVE THE FOLD (so that the reader does not have to scroll down to read it), but should also be in
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Is This Firefox Addon Eating Into Your Adsense Income?

It does not block just ads, but also the JavaScript based tracking codes you may use to track your website traffic! I use Statcounter and Google analytics side by side, and in my tests ADBlockplus
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EBay Partner Network-What Works and What Does NOT!

Some of the things I am going to tell you here have helped shoot up my EPC and earnings considerably, that too, within just a few days of change

BEWARE of Posting Affiliate Links on Your Blog-Part 3

As far as I can tell, two different schools of thoughts are running parallel on this issue. While one school says that FTC would give you two
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What the FTC Really Wants from Affiliate Marketers!

If you are promoting a product you have already purchased and found helpful, your own experience is enough to back up your review of the respective product; however, if you have not purchased it, you may need to gather the review materials from
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BEWARE of Posting Affiliate Links on Your Blog-Part 2

Per the new update, FTC plans to crack down not just on the affiliate marketers but also the Internet Marketing gurus with all those over-the-top testimonials, such as
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