Alleviate Gas: Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Gas

Bloating and gas are very serious problems which you should never ignore under any circumstances. True that you want to alleviate gas because either your friends or family members are greatly irritated by it. But gas itself is no laughing matter. The fact that you suffer from bloating and gas means that you are suffering from the more serious problem of indigestion, which is why it is very important that you learn to alleviate gas. In this article I will give you five tips on how to alleviate gas.

1. Since gas is caused by irregular food habits, you must change your food habits first. There are certain foods which are rich in fiber and cause gas. If you want to alleviate gas, you should not eat large amounts of fiber foods at a time. If your dinner consists of a lot of fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, then break that meal into several small servings and eat each serving every two or three hours.

2. Another way to alleviate gas is to eat foods slowly. Slow eating helps in proper digestion of food. If you eat foods in haste, the pressure on the stomach increases and production of gasses also begins to increase, resulting in stomach bloating.

3. People generally have problems digesting milk, especially buffalo’s milk. If you want to have milk, I would suggest you drink cow’s milk which is easier to digest. You should also reduce the intake of diary products as these are notorious for increasing gas in stomach.

4. Wheat: If you consume too much wheat-products everyday, it is only natural that you suffer from bloating and gas. A protein called ‘GLUTEN’ present in wheat and bread produces burning sensation and leads to production of excess gas, resulting in bloating. So, if you want to alleviate gas, you can reduce the intake of wheat products or even spread them out. For example, if you eat eight breads for your dinner, just spread out that meal into four small servings of two breads each, and eat each serving every two or three hours. This reduces the pressure on your stomach and you will be able to alleviate gas easily.

5. Avoid antibiotics. Antibiotics are infamous for causing excessive stomach bloating because they destroy the good bacteria present in our digestive tract that aids in digestion. If you really need to take antibiotics, take them along with vitamin B-complex tablets. There are many other foods that you need to avoid in order to alleviate gas. For more information, [adrotate banner=”6″]