Supplements, Diet and Lifestyle Tips For Eliminating Acne Fast!

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Supplements: Sometimes you need to take help of certain supplements in order to cure acne. For instance, Vitamin C is good for removing the acne scars and helping your skin rejuvenate; it also makes you immune from further acne attacks. Fruits rich in Vitamin C should be consumed regularly, along with Vitamin C supplements – but PLEASE avoid those packaged fruit juices!

Zinc and fatty acids can help reduce skin inflammation; zinc is also useful in healing any kind of wound – it is known to speed up the healing process of the skin!

Sometimes acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, which in turn is caused by lack of Vitamin B!

Diet and Lifestyle Tips: Poor diet and hygiene habits often cause acne outbreaks. It is important o keep yourself and your surroundings clean at all times! Drink plenty of water throughout the day (this helps cleanse your body of any and all toxins present) and eat a diet rich in fiber – that is, vegetables and fruits! Avoid processed and junk foods – that means less fried food, soda, chocolates and carbohydrates!

Avoid excessive use of cosmetics and make-up, and wash them off from your face when they are no longer needed. Wash your face regularly – at least twice a day – with lukewarm water and a gentle soap! DO NOT touch your face without washing your hands first; the skin of our face is extremely sensitive to bacteria and the germs in your hands could easily get inside your facial skin and cause irritation and acne!

If you want to use an acne cream or lotion, do your research first; remember, not all acne products are created equal – some are more effective than others; look for products containing herbal components, such as Aloe Vera; test out different brands if you need to; make sure that the acne cream you use does not make your skin either too oily or dry; lastly, always apply a good moisturizer after applying any acne cream!

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