DON’T Throw Away That Pen!

The headline might seem odd to most of my regular readers and I won't be surprised if I get the lowest ever CTR! But then, when I write something, I don't necessary think about CTR and visitors. Everything I post here has a purpose, and this post too has a purpose of its own. So my question to you is: do ever touch your pen?

Don't look at me like a weirdo! Most of us get so much involved into the flow of internet marketing that we become keyboard-manic, and rarely touch our pen. I am telling you this from my experience as well as of a few others I know.

Long ago, when I didn't even know the "I" of internet marketing, I used to write short poems as well as stories. I could remember that my classmates would appreciate most of them, as well tease me for some of the weirder stuff. Well, things changed after I joined internet marketing. I abandoned my pen altogether, and started learning to type. While I became somewhat good at typing, I almost forgot all about writing. The ink in my pen dried up (I didn't even know it till after a long time) and long afterwards when I started to write again, I realized that I had lost my desire to write as well as my creativity. Seriously, even today I regret abandoning my pen like that! :(

Sorry for the long rambling about myself. My intention was not to waste your time but you know I cannot talk about myself anywhere else except in this newsletter. ;) Now, if you are not using pen and paper everyday, here is one top reason why you should!

Whatever you write can be converted into MONEY!: Much before I wrote my bum marketing report as well as some other reports, I would regularly write short notes in my diary: about my successes, my failures, etc. I learned about note-taking from a veteran internet marketer, who also told me once that the writer doesn't wait for inspiration, and that the best way to get out of writer's block is to write 100 words per day. While I don't agree with his first advice (I cannot write without inspiration), I totally agree with the second, because it has worked for me!

Now, you may argue with me: "But hey, I can do the same thing with my keyboard as well! Why not open up Word and type it, instead of using pen and paper?" Well, you are missing one crucial point here. You see, if you write instead of typing stuff, you would remember things better (don't trust me on this; test it yourself). You see, all the self improvement experts out there who talk about goal setting and all that, usually advice people to write down their goals on paper instead of typing them somewhere; that way, they are more likely to act on those goals instead of forgetting them!

So, if you are typing it all day long, consider taking a break and using that pen and paper. Your finger tips (as well as your keyboard) will thank you for it. Please do it! I am asking you nicely! :)

If you don't know what to write about, just use my approach: Everyday, make it a point to write about your internet marketing successes, or your failures, or simply what you learned on that day, or what happened in your family, etc. DON'T think about perfection, because no one is going to see your notes!

Take notes while reading: Too many times, we tend to forget what we read in ebooks. A good way to avert this problem is to take notes as you read your ebook. Preferably, note down important points taught in the ebook in a diary or notebook and try to keep your diary topical. I keep separate notebooks for separate topics, such as list building, niche marketing, traffic, etc. Each notebook deals with ebooks centered on THAT topic only!

Side note: Sometimes I write down stuff that I have typed in my computer, especially if it is a very urgent stuff. Why? I don't trust my computer too much. It is after all a machine; so what will happen if it goes bust one day?

Something to ponder about :)

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    DON’T Throw Away That Pen!…

    My question to you is: do ever touch your pen? Now, if you are not using pen and paper everyday, here is one top reason why you should!…