HEADS UP For WordPress Users!

There are some important and funny stuff in this article ;)

=> Cool WordPress Plugins

=> Funny Video

=> For Amazon S3 Users

=> 2 Cool Resources for your PC

1. First, a heads up for anyone using the "Search Everything" plugin for WordPress.

It so happened that recently I installed the "Bad Links Remover" Plugin on my blog to check for broken and outdated links so I could remove them. A week into it and it turned out that the plugin reported several of my own blog's URLS as broken, including my blog's homepage, lol. At first I found it rather funny and thought the plugin to be useless, but later on decided to check out some of those "bad links" to make sure that the plugin is indeed wrong! Little did I know about the surprise which was in store for me!

While most of my blog's permalinks worked well, a few others didn’t resolve at all! I started getting the "redirect loop" error from Firefox for VALID pages I created several months ago! I was not sure about what to do. I updated the permalinks as well as those posts but the links remained 'broken' nonetheless.

I even looked at the .htaccess file but couldn't find anything wrong with it. So I searched in Google for "Firefox redirect loop error WordPress" and found a bunch of articles, all offering different sorts advice. Finally I found this guy's article which proved to be extremely useful!

There are indeed very few people in IM who offer any kind of genuine advice, much less detailed advice. I liked the guy's article so much that I couldn't help but link to it ;)

Anyway, based on that guy's advice, I deleted all plugins from the plugins folder and then re-uploaded them one by one. Next I logged into my blog's admin area, browsed to the plugins page, and got all those errors the guy described. Finally I started activating the plugins one by one, and every time a plugin got activated, I would reload some of those "broken links pages" looking for that 404 error. Mysteriously enough, those "broken links" were fixed!

When I activated the "search everything" plugin at last (I don't know why I left it for the last) the "redirect loop" errors returned all over again, and once I deactivated it the error vanished and the broken links were fixed! So I knew who was to be blamed ;)

I am not sure if this is a "bug" or a case of conflicting plugins.

Anyways, if you use that plugin on your blog, be sure to check some of your permalinks. Remember that it is better to have one less plugin on your blog than losing dozens of visitors everyday! Right now I am searching for an alternative so if you know of one, let me know please! I would really appreciate it ;)

Personally though, I think I could live without the 'search everything" plugin because frankly it hasn't been of much use to me anyway. On the plugin's support page I saw several people complaining about different kinds of issues they were having with it, lol.

On a side note, the 'Yet Another Related Posts' plugin of WordPress which didn't work on my blog a few months ago seems to work fine now:

Also, if you provide a "conditional dofollow" link to your blog commentators I have found a better substitute to the old 'Link Love' plugin which is hardly ever updated:

2. Now on to some funny stuff. A couple of days ago I found this funny video and urge you to check it out as well:


A really fun way to send the desired message across viewers. I still remember how in my school days I would always prefer the 'humorous' teachers over those overtly serious or bespectacled ones, lol!

Does the video title relate to IMers in some way? I don't know why I feel like that lol -)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

3. Amazon S3 Outage: Stale news I know but once again it reinforces the idea that it is not wise to put all eggs in one basket, even if that basket comes from the house of giant Amazon itself ;)

On a brighter note, the free S3 Fox organizer plugin for Firefox has been updated with a lot of extra features. After looking at the new features of this plugin, I could say that it is now in a decent position to give the commercial applications a run for money. You no longer need to buy Bucket Explorer for creating those "time-limited" download links since this plugin does it all for you!

4. Now some hardware-related stuff. You are probably already familiar with the Belarc advisor software whose job is to create a detailed profile of your PC's hardware and software configurations. However, since it doesn’t offer a detailed profile of your CPU, this is where this application (again a freeware) would come handy:

Just found it yesterday, lol. And in case you are wondering how much RAM upgrade you need, here is yet another tool:

Computer hardware is a territory I hardly venture into, but the thing is that my machine itself needs some RAM upgrade and I was not sure how much RAM to buy. So I started hunting through Google and the rest is history … ;)

5. Finally the pitch follows…

I am working on a little script. I won’t provide all the details right now (ya know there are plenty of competitors out there looking to outdo each other, lol) except the following:

1. It would be useful if you run an affiliate program

2. Similar tools are being sold online for $47 and upwards but this little one would be costing you just peanuts! :D

3. It is very simple to use and setup ;)

Hang on tight if you need further details ;)

So that is all for today. Talk to you soon! Don’t forget that I am eagerly waiting for your nice comments :)


  1. Lisa

    Some really interesting, and funny links in your latest email. Thank you for the information.

  2. Shaun Taylor

    Lucia’s Linky Love is a great plugin — never heard of it before. Great catch! It looks like it’s not yet updated for WP 2.7 unfortunately.


    1. Arindam

      Yep, but it seems to work fine on my blog (it is WP 2.7.1)

  3. Susan

    Great Post. As a newbie to working with wordpress, the bad links heads up forced me to do some research and install a plugin for this purpose. As an avid web surfer/shopper broken links were always an annoyance and actually made me run away. Better getting a heads up than assuming that everything is fine. Thanks again for the info!

  4. Roylan

    Liked your email. Video humor put things in perspective. We so soon forget. Interesting article about Amazon S3, helps to understand the guru’s statement about their launches going down. Keep up the good work!

  5. Nan

    Loved the video clip! It definitely started off my day with a smile. No, make that a hearty laugh!

    Also thanks for all the good info. It’s nice to receive a ‘real’ newsletter and not just an email filled with a bunch of promo junk.

  6. mark@barber furniture

    I liked this video clip. Very funny. It will make me smile for a long time :-).

  7. Gary Harvey on Twitter

    Hi Arindam,

    I followed a link to your blog site from a raving fan of yours… Angela Edwards.
    Thought you’d like to know Angela is recommending you as a value-giver.


  8. Gary Harvey

    I’ve got to ask.

    HOW do you set up the ‘buy me a beer’?

    I’ve never seen that offered inside Paypal.

    it must be somewhere there, I know, but can you help out with a quick bit of direction here.



    1. Arindam

      Yes, you can get the plugin from here:

  9. Toroz

    Hi Arindam,

    It’s my first time visit your blog. I just following message from Angela Edwards, and I hope can find something useful here.

    Actually you have much articles, and I will start explore them from now. Internet Marketing is my interest.


  10. Steve Dougherty

    Hello and thank you very much for
    your informative posts. I knew there
    was a simple solution to adding the
    ‘buy me a beer’ buttons to the posts,
    I just never thought it would be as
    easy as a plugin.

    The main reason for me reading your
    post here was not the buy a beer snippet,
    that was just a bonus. The main reason was the writeup on Amazon S3.

    Very nice, but now you have me waiting
    for your tutorial on using the free
    FireFox plugin for the timed url’s.

    The beer I’m buying you is just a sample of (ok its a bribe) my thanks for the info you have provided so far on Amazon
    AWS s3. Please, as soon as you can, do a tutorial on using the timed url’s on s3Fox. I can see a nice tall pitcher in your future ;-)

    Thanks again for your awesome info.

    Steve Dougherty

  11. Arindam

    Thanks. Those nice little “bribes” help indeed (specially in times of recession ;) )

    I sure will do a tutorial on s3 fox organizer sometime soon. Thanks again for dropping by. :D

  12. Dave -

    Thank you very much for your kind words. It was a heck of a problem and we had many customers contacting us about it. After investigating it, the solution seemed quite standard. It was one of those things that is very easy if you know how, but the knowing is half the battle. We are very pleased that our article could be such a great help to all the fellow WordPress Users.