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9 Ways to Speed Up Your PC!

Maybe Your PC runs too slow, maybe it hangs time and again, and so on and so forth! While I am not a computer expert, in this article I will tell you about some very simple things I do to keep my PC healthy
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Beware of Escrow Scams!

This guy seems to have some solid advice for those dealing wtih escrow. He says "Escrow Scams Now about the most Profitable of all Internet Cons" Don’t be Victim of Escrow Scams: How to Lose $630,000 in a Hurry
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What If Skype Shuts Down!

But say, in case Skype really shuts down, what alternatives do we have? I came up with the following three alternatives
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Unlocking Windows on the Fly!

Ever wished you could delete an obstinate file or program from a folder? Do you want to delete, rename or move a file even though it is being locked by a program? Are you fed up of the *Access is Denied*, *File is in Use*, or *Cannot Delete Folder/File*...
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Watch Out For This Google Resource Hog!

I have 2 GB of RAM. I would not have even known about the culprit behind the freezing of my PC, had I not
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HEADS UP For WordPress Users!

A week into it and it turned out that the plugin reported several of my own blog URLS as broken, including my blog homepage, lol. At first I found it rather funny and thought the plugin to be useless, but later on decided to check out some of those "bad...