Beware of Escrow Scams!

This guy seems to have some solid advice for those dealing wtih escrow. He says "Escrow Scams Now about the most Profitable of all Internet Cons"

Don’t be Victim of Escrow Scams: How to Lose $630,000 in a Hurry


  1. Ryan Kaufman

    It is such a shame that we have to be so careful in dealing with business on the internet these days. I was burned in the very beginning of my IM career when buying a website. Now I am probably overly cautious.

  2. Salt Lake City Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning

    Greed will get you every time. The promise of easy money and a deal that is just too good. Some of the nicest guys you will ever meet are conners. If they are jerks they don’t get away with their first cons.

  3. ManieE

    Gee, I wish a had $630,000 to lose! But it is true, there are lots of scam artists out there. Even some Internet marketers is scamming people with quick rich ideas.