Top 3 Reasons Why Christmas Cards Are Better Than Ecards!

Another Christmas is almost here, and the same age old question is back: are paper Christmas cards better or worse than ecards?

Which option you choose would depend on how you look at Christmas. If you regard it as just another ‘chore’ you need to do to keep up with your peers, then you are better off sending some free ecards to your friends. But if you regard it as an opportunity to connect with your old friends and relatives, if you regard the Christmas card as an important tool to renew the old ties and keep in touch with your distant friends and relatives, then using paper cards is your best choice. In this article I will give you three reasons why you should prefer paper Christmas cards over ecards!

1. Paper cards have a longer shelf life: I am sure that whenever you have received a paper greetings card from your old buddy, you have stored it safely somewhere in your cupboard or drawer; I know I have done it many times. However, can you recall the last time you stored an ecard in your inbox? Heck, I bet you don’t even remember the names of most of those who sent you ecards!

From what I’ve said above, you can well understand that paper cards have a longer shelf life than ecards. Since ecards are free, people often send them even on the most trivial of occasions, let alone Christmas. Consequently it becomes difficult for the recipient to keep track of all of them!

On the other hand, paper cards are sent out only on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, or the recipient’s birthday, etc. This is one reason why it is easier to remember the names of those persons who sent you paper cards!

Bottom line, if you want your old friends and relatives to treasure your card and keep it with them for a long time to come, or if you want to reconnect with your old friends, then use paper cards. On the other hand, if you want the recipient to simply discard your greetings card without even looking at it, then you are free to send out ecards instead!

2. Paper cards show your true personality: Unlike ecards, where you are limited to just a few customizations, you can customize paper cards EXACTLY the way you want them to be! How about shocking your old buddies by sending them a star-shaped card? This is possible only with paper Christmas cards!

You can use your own family photos, die-cuts, designer papers, etc to make those cards. Needless to say, paper cards have a certain warmth about them which is missing in ecards. Paper cards act as mirrors to your personality, which is why they have a special place in the heart of the recipient!

3. Paper Christmas cards show that you care: Do you have distant friends and relatives with whom you have almost lost touch? Perhaps they are even annoyed with you for not keeping the ties intact. If you want to make these people happy and renew your old ties and friendships, then using paper cards is the way to go! Paper cards will show these people how much you care for them, and that you haven’t forgotten about them despite not being able to stay in touch!

Do you still think ecards are worth your time?

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