Stormpay in tatters

Attention all internet marketers,affiliates and Webmasters
StormPay is now gone, StormPay have finally closed their doors to ALL
online businesses (see the announcement below).

If you have a few dollars still in your Stormpay account,I recommend you withdraw all because I don’t know what they willl be doing next(read below for what they have done to me earlier).I think cash stock in your own house is now safer than the cash you have at Stormpay.I am withdrawing whatever I have in Stormpay.

If you are planning to join a company that is still paying you commission only in Stormpay,don’t join that company because you are not going to get any commission:)


Dear Valued StormPay customer,

Effective immediately StormPay Inc. will no longer accept payments for sales made outside of StormPay Auctions. If you are an online seller who wishes to sell your product or service through the StormPay system, your item must be sold using the StormPay Auctions feature. Listing in the StormPay Auctions is FREE of charge unless utilizing our inexpensive upgraded listing options.

Q: Why has StormPay implemented this new policy?

A: StormPay has rendered certain policy changes to insure a safer online experience for both buyers and sellers. This policy change allows StormPay to more closely monitor the products/services sold, insuring that sold items are within StormPay’s acceptable use policies.

Under these new policy guidelines, customers may no longer log into a StormPay account for the purpose of sending money to another online user, or “offsite� website sale. All “spends� and “receives� are and only can be for the specific purchase of a user’s auction listing and successful purchase of.

Subscriptions (recurring billing) is no longer supported by the StormPay system. All current subscriptions have been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We appreciate your business. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

StormPay Inc.

I can say for sure that like it predecessors,Stormpay’s decline too has come.That is why it is behaving in such a rash manner.

I too have my personal grievances against Stormpay.Stormpay has stolen no less than $259 from my account,on the pretext of false and unauthorized chargebacks.The amusing thing is that the chargeback came in installmemnts,not as a single amout,and moreover,my suspicions were raised when I saw that all the chargebacks came from the same person.

Here is the data I have collected so far(one of my subscribers gave this data to me,many thanks to him):

Note:There are many more scraps of Stormpay I found from active forums.However,all these are history now:

Many of you have probably been caught up in the quagmire of rumors circulating about Stormpay and 12DailyPro. I would like to present to you some information I have spent days uncovering (much of which can be verified) that will help you come to a more educated conclusion about this terrible situation.

Please keep in mind that until these facts came to light recently, I, too, put a fair amount of trust in Stormpay. However, the conclusion I came to after reviewing all of this information is that Stormpay is telling the public outright lies to protect the truth about their situation which is:

1) Stormpay was not always a payment processor. They began as a matrix company. Here is a link I found with some background on Stormpay’s beginnings:

And here is the Order to Cease and Desist from the State of Tennessee. This really says it all.

2) Even though Stormpay was ordered to stop running any ponzi schemes, they allowed hundreds of HYIP’s (many of them ponzi schemes) to use their processing services. The ones that weren’t ponzi’s were hacked due to using code that was easily compromised by hackers.

As a result, it is believed that they recently got hundreds of chargebacks due to all the ponzi schemes operating with Stormpay accounts –ironically at the same time 12DailyPro requested a large withdrawal from Stormpay into their bank account. While Stormpay allows credit card funding, they did not add a stipulation that no chargebacks would be allowed — thus they were apparently hit hard by this huge rash of chargebacks. (EMO expressly states on their site that chargebacks are not allowed). I have also read that reportedly, many of Stormpay’s banks are in the process of closing their accounts (this is not verified so I cannot state that as absolute fact).

Here is how events went down this week:

12DailyPro requests a large lump sum deposit from Stormpay so they can fund their newly created EMO account — 10,000 12DP members migrated to EMO almost overnight. First, Stormpay tells 12DP they cannot get a direct deposit of these funds -they must request a wire transfer. Then CEO John McConnell told 12DP on Monday that he wanted to fly down to show why Stormpay should be their only payment option. But the next day he demanded that they remove all other payment processers in the next 45 minutes or else. 12DP complied and two days later they awoke to find their Stormpay account suspended and completely frozen. Thus they cannot pay their members nor allow new upgrades!

Using logic, I concluded that the only reason a payment processor would deny a request to withdraw your own funds would be if they did not have the necessary funds in their account to pay you! In fact, Charis informed us that in a phone conversation earlier this week, Mr. McConnell told her that not all members’ funds are backed by ‘real money.’ Incredulous as this sounds, it’s like saying ‘We know you put real cash in here, but now not all of that cash is there. We’re not telling you where it went but it’s not all there so don’t be surprised if you can’t get it all out.’

3) Stormpay has a poor record with the Better Business Bureau. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s their latest report:

4) Stormpay lied about NETIBA saying it was ‘third party verification.’ Here is proof that Stormpay and NETIBA are run by the same person:

Here’s the listing for Stormpay:

And here’s the one for NETIBA:

Note that both companies are in the same zip code.

In addition, one site revealed that Stormpay collected upwards of $5 Million in NETIBA verification fees – virtually overnight. This was clearly a ploy to make a lot more money under the guise that they are providing security measures. If you’ve been following discussions on the internet, you know that very few people put faith in this process, especially since phone numbers are not always verified and addresses have been proven to be false.

5) Stormpay has lied to the public about its current state of affairs, releasing ‘propaganda-like’ statements which accuse 12DailyPro and autosurfs in general of being ‘ponzi schemes’ and inferring that some type of federal investigation was underway. When in fact, there was no investigation.

The truth is Stormpay’s bank(s) instructed them to freeze certain accounts. One site states that Stormpay probably tried to move a lot of money at once which raised a flag, while at the same time there was a major influx of chargebacks. This results in a freezing of those funds. This is reportedly standard operating procedure for all merchant companies.

It should also be stated that Charis and many other autosurf owners have posted on their sites that contrary to Stormpay’s statements, at NO TIME did Stormpay EVER approach them and ask for documents or an explanation of their business model. These companies openly disclosed that information when they first started doing business with 12DailyPro. It is just impossible for me to believe that ALL OF A SUDDEN Stormpay has concerns about the validity of these sites at the very moment their biggest client requests a large withdrawal. This is clearly an issue of not having sufficient funds to give 12DailyPro the sum they requested. All of the lies they have put out to the public has to be nothing more than a stall tactic to keep the truth from coming out.

And finally, 12DailyPro has been misrepresented in the media lately. We saw a video of a news segment in Utah that paints an unfair picture of 12DailyPro. Some students at this Utah university were misrepresenting 12DP as an ‘investment opportunity’ in violation of 12DP’s clearly stated terms of service. Then their professor threatens to expel them for promoting a money scheme.

The report wrongly states that Charis Johnson, the owner of 12DailyPro, runs her business out of an apartment in a bad neighborhood. That is not true. Charis herself reported on our forum today that she has a leased office space in a very nice section of town and that her apartment is also in a nice area.

However, the report did end by saying that no matter how skeptical the professors might be, the reality is that out of 320,000+ members there has not been ONE complaint filed against Charis or 12DailyPro. Compare that to the number of complaints formally filed against Stormpay and the countless complaints that circulate via the internet. I think the record speaks for itself.

So, in light of all the aforementioned evidence, I think you can see why I am standing behind Charis and 12DailyPro. Let me close by presenting a few facts about this incredible lady and why you should consider lending her your support in this difficult time.

1) 12DailyPro was thorougly investigated and verified by the OIC (Online Investment Cooperative). Here is the result of their investigation which passed with flying colors. Be sure to read the Admin’s insight after personally interviewing Ms. Johnson by telephone:

If you’d like to know more about the OIC and their mission go here:

2) The owner of 12DailyPro had a solid career before starting 12DailyPro in Television, Marketing and Advertising. Learn more here:

3) For the past 10 months, 12DailyPro has consistently and timely paid their members who are now more than 320,000. They have never once been late and have not had ONE complaint launched against them. I realize I’m repeating this but I feel it bears repeating.Smiley

4) The owner of 12DailyPro has consistently communicated with its membership, sometimes daily and sometimes even hourly. This level of communication is rare in the business world and ESPECIALLY in the online business world where owners find it easy to hide behind a computer screen. Charis has never kept anything hidden from us. She has been very detailed in her communications.

5) 12DailyPro has taken many steps to strengthen and improve the autosurf industry by personally forming relationships with and investing in other reputable autosurf companies. She has also helped organized the first ever GPT convention so as to mastermind and brainstorm with others in this industry. Certainly, that is not a sign of a business owner trying to hide in anonymity.

6) 12DailyPro has provided advertising services for all its members, even expanding into a second website that focuses exclusively on advertising. They were days away from introducing a 3rd site in their suite of services. All of this shows that from the beginning they have had plans to be a strong, stable company with an ever expanding portfolio of services to offer.

7) 12DailyPro has generously contributed to charities. This past holiday season, the company contributed $21,500 to the Red Cross. See the screenshot here:

8) 12DailyPro has calmly and professionally worked through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. First they were under DDOS attacks (which meant someone was flooding their website with traffic in an effort to shut down the site). They have also been impersonated on the web. Then they discovered a whole slew of cheaters among their members (primarily in Singapore). This was followed by the problems with e-gold in which 12DP was unable to pay their members for several days and was forced to switch to EMO.

And finally, we top that off with the Stormpay fiasco in which a large amount of their money is frozen and inaccessible. Not to mention, the misrepresentation by the Utah students and a few other members who smeared 12DailyPro’s good name with false advertising. Through all of this, Charis has not one time complained, she has not panicked, she has not closed up shop — she has always handled each crisis with the utmost dignity and worked immediately towards a solution. This is leadership at its finest! I wonder how many of us would have lasted so long in the face of this type of persecution…

I could say so much more about 12DailyPro but I will end with one final reason why I feel you should support this company:

9) The members of 12DailyPro, even in the direst of circumtances, are supporting the owner of 12DailyPro and rallying around her. They are willingly and voluntarily contributing their own funds to help fight this battle against Stormpay and so all the members can hopefully recover the money they have in 12DailyPro. Surely, this would not be the case unless these members have complete confidence and trust in the woman running this program.

I hope that this information and my research has been helpful. Thank you for your patience in wading through this thread. My #1 concern is to bring as much of the truth to light as possible and to defend what I believe to be a company with integrity and loyalty to its members.

I am not so concerned with WHO is right, but what is right. In this case, I think it is obvious that 12DailyPro has done nothing wrong and in fact has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Therefore, since 12DailyPro has been such a blessing in so many of our lives, I think the right thing for us to do is to support Charis who was worked tirelessly in the face of so many obstacles!

I applaud those of you who bravely step up to help their fellow 12DailyPro members, the owner of this wonderful program and last but not least, yourselves! The action we take at this very moment could be the one that gets us out of this mess.

Thank you all for your time and consideration. I know how precious it is. I am a realist but I am also an optimist. Even if we rise out of the ashes, we shall rise again like the mighty Phoenix. The power is in the people. Let’s put that power to work!

Kind regards,


Update 3:

A forum is set up at:

Please read the CALL FOR ACTION and feel free to copy it and forward it to your friends or to your lists. But please keep my identity confidential (thanks). Just copy it as is, with the given signature. Feel free to post any related info or comments on this forum and to send your friends there.

If you are in a program that still accepts Stormpay, tell them to read the messages on this board in order to understand that they may be the next victims if they don’t remove Stormpay from their payment options ASAP, before Stormpay asks them to remove all the others and then freezes their accounts..

These crooks and ABC spies must be put out of business! We already have more spies and “regulators” around here that we can handle, we don’t need additional “task forces” to tell us what to do, to kill our paying programs and to steal our money..

Go to

. and ACT, please


Update 4; (Last One)

Stormpay, Frozen a/c’s and FBI

? on: Today at 03:28:17 AM ?

AlienTrust with about 15,000-20,000 members has a frozen stormpay account of $6.9 million according to the latest post from their admin.

A comment from a canadian journalist to the AT news post says the FBI have control of Stormpay as they investigate ALL autosurfs, here is her post:

Sorry you don’t know what is really going on …. Stormpay is under orders from the FBI to SAY NOTHING!
It is your own US Government Coming down on EVERY … HYIP and Paid to Surf Site…. not just you!

As so many US citizens are making big bucks and also failing to claim their earnings … which is a big NO NO …
The Government has taken a Hard Stand and is Freezing EVERY account of this type that is connected with StormPay … Why StormPay … They happen to be Based out of the USA, where the Goverment CAN control them!

What we have been doing on our Surf sites … is consider ILLEGAL by the US Government! DO you really think anyone will manage to take a stand against the FBI …

E-Gold is also under FBI investigation… but they are OFF shore! So They are protected somewhat … from action against the US Government! That’s why many accounts are moving to E-gold.

The US Goverment is Ticked off about LOST revenue and Tax Evasion … and they have been watching for years! People are being arrested…

No … it will probably not be on the news … the Government controls the news too… you must know that!

Why do you think Stormpay was telling you Nothing …. and now they are Lying?

It is a bit like someone holding a gun to your head threatening to shot if you say anything!

StormPay will be totally shut down if they do not keep quiet & Co-operate with the FBI…. They would lose Everything … not just HYIP’S and paid to Surf Accounts!

The US Government through the FBI is the Iron Fist here … and they have all the legal legs to stand on that they need!

Pamila Bigler/Canadian Journalist
Stormpay still refuse to respond to our emails and we have to assume they are doing the same to us as they are doing to other auto surfs and attempting to steal our cash as you know they closed out account without reason, we have alot of earnings in commisions from promoting their site, we have alot of earning from their netiba operation, we also have thousands in unrelated earnings from other not related websites not to mentions several thousand dollars in stormpay auction sales,
We are now preparing legal proceedings against stormpay and we recommed you as a user do the same infomation on how to do tis can be found at

I see in some forums some misinformed users are calling us a scam these misinformed users have fallen into the trap that stormpay wanted them to know they are making misleading reasons why they not been paid and claiming to be the innocent party
stormpay is obviosly a scam as is their so called 3rd party partner which is theirs netiba

Netiba is no more 3rd party than i am the queen of ……… or the man on the moon another site you may want to visit is

(a poor clone of )
here you will fined other versions of stormpays “SO CALLED” Business Model with them not responding to emails or tickets we are left with no other option than legal action against or should I say SCAMPAY

Their motto should be:” Use we will steal you cash” as this is what they have done to all our members not to mention all the other site they have done it to as well obviously they are planning on keeping YOUR MONEY and you should take action against stormpay in court.

P.S if you file complaints for a refund in stormpay not only is this not helping anyone as its giving stormpay what they want but we have no way to respond to these

our account is closed we are unable to login we dont even get notifications from stormpay regarding anything

is worth a visit

And here are some forum posts about Netiba,the ‘great internet business authority):

jchevaliMar 4 2005, 11:04 AM
I’d ask someone to investigate this “Customer Protection Tool” I’ve installed off

and it’s now arousing my suspicions.

I’ve originally heard about it in an email apparently from, where I hold an account (which I’ve never used). Stormpay said it was now certified by NetIBA and I was invited to download NetIBA’s tool that would sit in the Taskbar tray and alert me for every site I visited in Internet Explorer that wasn’t registered with them. Of course, I’ve found Stormpay did appear to have registered with them as a genuine financial organisation site, as a NetIBA baloon message showed.

The problem is that I don’t know what this tool actually does it, and as I can’t find references to NetIBA anywhere in the Internet (using Google), I think it may be a malicious tool that’s actually being published under a new name. I did run SpyBot, Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster but none of them see it. Another thing that makes me wonder is that a file called Setup.log in the folder where I’ve installed this thing is garbled (it isn’t text) and I wonder why would any sane application want to do that. The main executable, NetIBA.exe, shows as 1220608 bytes in size, apparently created on 2/Mar/05 at 14:11:26, but when I see its properties in Windows I don’t see a Version panel, which arouses my suspicions still more.

I hope someone can install this application (carefully) and try and determine what it really does, and if possible find some more information about whether the company that produces it can be trusted or not. Thanks.

Tuxedo JackMar 4 2005, 05:22 PM
From what I see on it, it transmits purchase addresses to NetIBA, which on its own is VERY suspicious, as that would logically include HTTPS addresses.

The graphic on their front page – “This site is being accessed by IP address -” is ludicrous. Every computer on the Internet has either an IPv4 or IPv6 address, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t exist. The graphic is pure “Oh noes! Teh seel is broken!11one!” kind of hype. Ignore it.

They claim that they’re an independent certification organization, but so are Verisign, TrustE, Thawte, and a bunch of others.

I wouldn’t bother installing this. Just watch what you buy and where you buy it from.
WinHelp2002Mar 5 2005, 05:49 AM
If you look close both companies are from the same town and both running on the same server = hmm …

Only make purchases or enter information into web sites who are NetIBA ceritified.
Do you think [example] Microsoft is “certified” (by NetIBA) …
pacificboaterSep 21 2005, 05:31 PM
This is just a business doing it’s best to trick consumers into thinking they are the answer to all their worries.

NetIBA, although with good intentions, has taken a marketing approach to scare the consumers into using their product. This creates a demand for registering your e-mail address, auction username and website with NetIBA. All of which cost money and is the real reason they are in business. Yes, business. They are a private business out to take the money from your pocket and put it into theirs. That’s ok, but scare tactics are so banal these days. Oh.. and they aren’t an authority over anything or anyone, kind of like your local central bank. It is a business PRIVATELY OWNED – out to make money. That’s it, that’s all.

They have also made a grave error in their website design. They claim to be the INTERNATIONAL business authority on the ‘net, yet the first thing you see on their site is a US flag and an eagle. That’s not international, that is United States. A redesign is in order IMHO.

So in order to create a demand for their product they are using, i mean FEAR tactics and hiding behind a US flag . Seems to be the order of the day.

Oh.. and just because a business or person isn’t registered with these folks, doesn’t mean that the info attached to the site or person you are connecting with isn’t correct. Nor does it mean they’re not an upstanding person or business, NetIBA just need you to think that in order for them to pay their mortgages.

I’m all for earning a living. Heck I do so myself but I do it without scaring anyone and doing my best to force them to have to buy my product (I build boats).

As always, buyer beware and due diligence. Whois is a very good tool to use for verification purposes. AND it’s free.

Like Tom Petty says in the “last DJ”, “Just to see how much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free”

Hope everyone sees through this legitimate scam. Yes, legitimate. But remember, just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right. Well, that would depend on what point of view you are taking. From the business owner’s point of view, everyone who doesn’t register with them are scoundrels for not helping them with their monthly bills. To the rest of us.. We don’t really need them. You won’t find my name or websites in their Database. I’d rather take my family out to dinner one extra night this year and get REAL value for my dollar.

Just my .02


Thanks you so much for reading this.Please leave your comments behind.



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